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BT: Performance Management - Agreement

13 June 2014

On 12 June 2014, a Branch Forum was held to update branches about the progress that had been made in Performance Management using our recent Agreement and to brief on the consultative exercise that we intend to run as a result of Annual Conference decisions.

Agreement on Performance Management

The recent Agreement reached on Performance Management allows for team members or managers to anonymously provide evidence of Forced Distribution of performance markings or targets for managed exits. This information is to be presented to BT Group via the national union. The agreement also provides detailed guidance of where Settlement Agreements (previously known as Compromise Agreements) are inappropriate to be used in performance and sickness absence/disability cases. In addition, where we can provide evidence of breach of process or a perverse use of the performance or sick absence procedures there is an escalation process.

The Branch Forum was provided with evidence of how our Agreement was being used to root out bad practice in the Company:

  • Individual performance cases where we have been able to show breach of process or perverse use of procedure have been escalated and overturned.
  • Residual evidence of continued forced distribution have been escalated and stopped.
  • Attempts to manipulate CARE surveys have been escalated and stopped.
  • Inappropriate use of settlement agreements in MSL have been escalated and stopped.
  • An inappropriate use of PM process in OPI (BT Consumer) was escalated and stopped.

This Agreement is a joint agreement with Prospect (the Union for managers) and they too have been using the agreement to escalate cases of bad practice.

This agreement is clearly working and the executive will continue to use it to root out bad practice in the company.

Consultative Exercise

As a result of the carrying of Proposition 40 at Conference the Union will be conducting a consultative exercise in a home mailing by the end of the June 2014. Members will be given an update of the progress being made using our recent agreement and be asked three specific questions:

  1. Have you noticed an improvement in how Performance Management is applied in your workplace?
  2. Do you believe that the Union Agreement needs to be allowed more time to change the culture of Performance Management in BT?
  3. Do you wish to be balloted now for strike action on Performance Management?

The Executive will use the findings of this consultative exercise to determine the next steps.