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BT: Time Out Resourcing Initiatives

17 June 2009

BT has announced the launch a range of resourcing initiatives to help the company reduce its temporary and permanent Total Labour Cost.

The initiatives include reduced hours and special sabbaticals and are being launched under the banner heading of "Time Out". The roll-out dates will vary with each Line of Business, with Openreach being the first to launch Reduced Hours and Special Sabbaticals, followed by BT Operate. All the other Lines of Business will be launching Special Sabbaticals shortly.

There are four "Time Out" options:

  • Reduced Hours: going from full-time to part-time hours for at least six months.
  • Special Sabbatical: a period of time off work normally a few weeks or months.
  • Your Time: going from full-time to part-time hours for at least three years.
  • Term Time Only: the opportunity to work during term time and have school holidays off work.

There are two baisc rules:

  1. Your Line of Business will tell you which options are open to you and when.
  2. Your Line Manager and your Line of Business have to agree your choice with you.

Taking any of these options may affect annual leave entitlement and / or your pension, but there are some financial incentives. Further information will be available from your manager.