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BT: Performance Management - Statistics

26 June 2014

As part of our agreements on Performance Management and Sick Absence Management, the Union, at national level, receives quarterly detailed statistics of the numbers of people being dealt with under the formal procedures in BT Group and by Line of Business.

This information, which includes a great deal of detail on diversity, is provided to the Executive on an “in confidence” basis and enables the Executive and National Teams to monitor progress and identify any issues. For some time now the Union have been arguing that not all this information needs to be considered “in confidence” and would be useful to demonstrate to members that progress is being made in the areas that have become issues between us. BT are now actively reviewing what information could be made more widely available to demonstrate progress being made.

In addition to performance and sick absence data the Union has asked for detail on grievance, content and outcome, discipline, equality and long-term health.

Other Issues

  • Quarterly reviews have meant that for many members the only conversation they have with their managers is performance related. The Union has asked that BT consider our representations in this area.
  • BT has announced a new set of measures providing a more holistic view of people moves within and in and out of the Company.
  • As part of Organisational Health, all managers from CEO to first line will undergo training in its principles. A number of CWU representatives have had the same training as the top 600 managers. The new escalation procedures recently agreed do appear to be working.
  • Dr Nita Clarke, has now completed her Independent Review and arrangements are being made to present the findings to the Unions.

The Company have indicated their disappointment with the consultative ballot that we are conducting given the progress made on this issue. The Officer will respond in due course explaining the democratic process and how the Executive is bound by CWU Conference decisions.