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BT: Performance Management Ballot

26 June 2014

The Branch Forum on Performance Management on 12 June 2014, was updated on the progress that had been made on the issue of Performance Management in BT and given details of the consultative exercise that the Union planned to conduct as a result of conference decisions.

It was reported that the Executive intended to fully update the membership in a home mailing along with a consultative ballot. Members will be asked three specific questions:

  1. Have you noticed an improvement in how Performance Management is applied in your workplace?
  2. Do you believe that the Union Agreement needs to be allowed more time to change the culture of Performance Management in BT?
  3. Do you wish to be balloted now for strike action on Performance Management?

The ballot will take place from 1 to 21 July 2014. Ballot papers will need to arrive by 21 July 2014, and any received after that date will not be counted.