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Interim Future BT Employment Proposition

10 July 2014

Since the Branch Forum on 20 May 2014, a series of meetings have taken place with the company. During these discussions it was agreed by both sets of negotiators that we would initially work towards an interim agreement on the "Future BT Employment Proposition".

The reason behind this was due to a growing need clearly demonstrated by the company to recruit permanent direct labour employees in preference to utilising further third-party resource.

The negotiators attained a proposed interim agreement which was presented to the BT Committee last week. Both the approach taken by the team and the proposed interim agreement were fully endorsed by the BT Committee. For information the Recommendations put to the BT Committee which were agreed are as follows:

  1. That the proposals contained within the letter from the company dated 1July 2014 be agreed.
  2. That the team be given authority to continue negotiations with the company with a view to reaching a final agreement with the company.
  3. That the outcome of these negotiations will be fully reported to the BT Committee with any recommendations that may need to be considered.
  4. That the team consider as a result of negotiations what consultation with Branches/ members would be required which will be put to the BT Committee for agreement.

Members should note that this interim agreement has NO impact on existing employees.

Within the interim agreement there are a revised set of terms and conditions which would apply to new recruits only and these are as follows:

  18,773 with 10% On Target Bonus (OTB)
21,204 with 10% OTB
Customer Management and Contact Centre (CMCC)
Sales 15,211 with 30% OTB
18,451 with 30% OTB
Service 16,395 with no OTB
18,773 with 10% OTB
Terms & Conditions
Hours 37.5
Holidays On entry 22 days increasing to 30 after 18 years
Overtime 1.5 x hourly rate. Monday - Sunday
Sick Pay 3 months full pay then 3 months half pay over a 2 year rolling period

This will allow BT to further recruit towards their commitment to create 3000 new jobs as a minimum.

Discussions now continue as we work towards concluding a final agreement which has a target date of 1 August 2014 for implementation. The team will be considering over the next few days what steps are necessary to fulfil the terms of Recommendation 4 which was agreed by the BT Committee.