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Openreach: SD 'Homeward Bound'

16 July 2014

Homeward Bound is an initiative that allows the Control to identify ‘short duration’ jobs and issue these tasks on a voluntary basis at the end of the engineers’ working day, close to their finish location, should the opportunity arise. The approach was trialled in the South West, Wales & Scotland and consultation took place with the appropriate CWU Single Points of Contact (SPOCs).

On receipt of a 'ring control' in the last hour of their scheduled day, an engineer can chose to ring the JC who will then look to find a suitable non appointed task. The JC will see if there is a short duration task in the engineers exchange area that can be completed in relatively short time. If the engineer accepts the task then this is pinned to the engineer.

The pick-up of this ‘homeward bound’ work at the end of the day by the engineer is purely voluntary.

The application of the approach is in accordance with existing flex arrangements

Briefings will take place from Monday 14 July 2014, these will confirm existing flex and overtime provisions remain unchanged, and that the pick-up of this ‘homeward bound’ work is voluntary.