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BTPS: BT 'Flexible Retirement' - Delay

25 July 2014

Talks have been continuing with BT about the Company’s decision to end the facility under which employees in the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS) could take their pension early while continuing to work for BT. This is known as “flexible retirement”.

The Union had hoped to resolve this issue before now but, unfortunately, this has not been possible. However, the discussions are now nearing a conclusion and the outcome will be confirmed by the end of August, with any changes being put in place in September.

BT has issued the a briefing today. This has been emailed directly to all those who have registered an interest in this issue with the Company and it will also be posted on the BT intranet.

In the briefing Kevin O’Boyle, Head of Pensions, thanks BTPS members for their continued patience while the review is brought to a conclusion.