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Openreach – Fuel Optimisation Portal

10 August 2014

The National Team (NT) has been in discussions with Openreach regarding the introduction of a Fuel Optimisation Portal. The aim is to encourage people to make positive driving changes to help reduce fuel consumption. Openreach intend to do this by promoting thoughtful driving styles and techniques that achieve more miles per gallon.

The portal will be used to aid managers to have positive and engaging conversations with their people. Manager’s guidance will be issued as part of the portal roll out and this recognises that there are many variables as to why there are differing levels of fuel consumption, e.g. rural or urban driving. The guidance also gives pointers as to how to try and reduce consumption, e.g. through reducing revolutions per minute (revs) to below 2,000 or removing excess weight carried in the vehicle.

Openreach have confirmed that the portal will not be used as a performance or behaviour measure; rather the data will be used to have discussions that can lead to different driving styles that can help reduce fuel consumption. The data available for view is based on a rolling 12 month basis so the emphasis is on the general trend not at any spot month in the calendar.

A presentation was given to CWU SPOCs on Thursday 7 August 2014, to ensure that there is a common understanding of the information which is available from the portal and how it can be used.