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BT: Performance Management Ballot Result

11 January 2015

The results of the consultative exercise held in July 2014 have been published.

Members were asked three specific questions:

Q1. Have you noticed an improvement in how Performance Management is applied in your workplace? NO: 80%
Q2. Do you believe that the Agreement needs to be allowed more time to change the culture of Performance Management in BT? YES: 61%
Q3. Do you wish to be balloted now for strike action on Performance Management? YES: 57%

The overall turnout was 28%.


The result of Q1 was actually a slight improvement in the answer to the same question in our Survey carried out in 2013, which indicated that 93% of those voting had seen no improvement. That said, the 80% ‘No’ vote remains alarming and a cause for concern.

The answer to Q2 and Q3 leave the Union in an ambiguous and contradictory situation. 61% want to give the Union agreement more time, whilst 57% want to be balloted for strike action now. These two positions are clearly contradictory.

The Executive believe that this ambiguous position, when taken into account with the relative low turnout (28%), does not present the basis for proceeding to a statutory ballot for strike action. 72% not voting is disappointing, given the high profile of this issue and the much better turnouts in our Performance Management Surveys.

Next Steps

The Executive will take these results back to BT to underline the continuing anger and disaffection on Performance Management in BT. Since we reached Agreement last year the National Team has constantly raised our concerns that improvements remain largely invisible to our members. BT has now agreed to regular monthly meetings to assess progress.

The Executive remain absolutely committed to challenging poor practice and behaviour in Performance Management in BT. The Executive is committed to re-running our Survey later this year to again assess progress or otherwise of the experience/perception of Performance Management in BT.