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Openrerach: End to End Resourcing Review

6 September 2014

Discussions with Openreach on the subject of resourcing and in particular the use of third party labour in Service Delivery (ND) and Network Delivery (ND) Field have been continuing for some time. This has led to a number of agreements being reached which have not come to fruition and the company continues to utilise third party labour in relatively large numbers. The exception to this approach was the removal of third party resource on FVR.

The National Team (NT) met Openreach on 19 August 2014 to receive a presentation outlining a review of the end to end resourcing in SD and ND Field. This review seeks to develop an approach to resourcing in the short, medium and longer term with the objective of ensuring that over a period of time more work is completed by direct labour and recognises that the recently agreed new hire T&Cs are a major enabler for this. The NT has made clear to Openreach that whilst we appreciate the capacity issues created within Learning & Development, the requirement for buddying and the provision of vehicles and tools, etc for new recruits, we firmly believe that further direct labour recruitment will be required going forward.

The NT has also set out clearly to Openreach that while we welcome a fresh approach to resourcing solutions, any continued or future use of third party labour must be dealt with under theHigh Level Resourcing Principles (HLRP) agreement. In parallel, the NT has arranged for our CWU Single Points of Contact (SPOCs) to be given the same presentation in order that they can fully understand the local impact and plan for their region. This follows on from discussions between the NT and SPOCs in recent months regarding their requirement for more regional input into resourcing debates.

The delivery of the current BDUK programme (and future bids) is crucial for Openreach and BT Group to continue the build of the fibre network. In order to minimise any supply risks associated with third party, Openreach is currently expanding the range of suppliers they use and working very closely with the existing suppliers to understand their barriers to delivery. Openreach have chosen to contact those individuals who applied for roles with the company and who passed the aptitude test but were not subsequently employed and inform them of the details of current suppliers mentioned above.