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BT Consumer: Ex-Agency Attendance

7 November 2014

Following a number of enquiries relating to the attendance patterns of those being offered a BT Contract CWU Head Office Assistant Secretary Nigel Cotgrove has clarified a number of points which will hopefully reassure members about the process.

A guidance note was issued by BT on this issue recently and is accompanied by a suggested set of attendances. The document has not been agreed by the CWU National Team (NT). It is very unfortunate that this and other documentation gives the strong impression that:

  1. there are only a set number of attendances available;
  2. that staff have to work a minimum of 20 hours per week;
  3. and that staff must work five day patterns.

BT has assured us that its communications are generic and it is going to take a flexible approach to individual concerns. BT has also made it clear that members who have concerns or wish to question BT’s proposals are free to do so. Attendance managers have been briefed accordingly and will be able to extend deadlines while individual issues are addressed.

BT has committed “to matching existing attendance patterns as closely as possible in line with business needs for those joining BT. For a significant proportion of people this could mean little or no change to their attendance arrangements, as they already work/cover some jeopardy periods. There will however be some people who are working bespoke patterns that do not match our resource requirements and where this is evident we will work with those individuals to minimise disruption in line with business needs”.

In terms of those working less than 20 hour a week currently, we have been assured that while BT would prefer a minimum 20 hour attendance, the Company is mindful of the problems that can be caused by increasing hours, and will try to accommodate shorter hours.

Similarly, in terms of five-day attendances BT has indicated that if someone needs to work a particular number of hours, or a particular pattern, or the work they are doing does not need a standard attendance, BT will try to accommodate these.

Separately, it has already been confirmed that any existing exceptional change of hours (ECOH) and flexible working arrangements will continue subject to normal review processes.

Any member who has been offered a contract and has an issue with what has been proposed should take this up with their local attendance manager in the first instance.