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BTTC: Internal Secondments

7 December 2014

CWU Head Office have been in discussion with BT about the BTTC approach to providing temporary resource to lines of business using the Internal Secondment process. Whilst the speed of moving redeployees into new permanent roles has increased, there is an ongoing challenge concerning the length of time that some members have remained as redeployees.

Moving redeployees into permanent roles is the priority objective of the BTTC and so the existing practice of offering secondments or secondment renewals via the BTTC has ceased with effect from 10 November 2014. Going forward the BT Flexible Resource Unit (FRU) will manage all non-permanent resource requests and will identify people with the right skills and grade. The FRU can provide this resource from within its organisation.

Individuals who are currently working on a ‘traditional’ secondment (i.e., that was arranged via recruitment system/advert), will still be classed as a redeployee whilst on the secondment, and should continue to look for a permanent role. The Priority Recruitment team will also continue to match these secondees to appropriate permanent roles. If they secure a new permanent role, they will be expected to move to that role as soon as possible. A permanent role takes precedence which could result in the secondment ending early and in a maximum of 28 days. Following the secondment, the redeployee will be transferred back to the BTTC.