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BT Pay - Talks Constructive

9 July 2009

CWU negotiators have been persevering in talks with BT since early June, when the negotiations were reaching a crucial stage.

Negotiations with BT on pay this year have been tougher and more protracted than ever, against a backdrop of a severe economic downturn combined with a poor end of year performance. Recent discussions have been constructive and it is hoped we may be able to reach a position that will allow us to conclude our negotiations within a matter of days.

It is testament to the hard work of BTís employees that three principle divisions, Retail, Wholesale and Openreach, supported by Design and Operate, have all delivered ahead of expectations and recorded their best financial performance for five years. The CWU has been clear and resolute that our members deserve to be rewarded for their talent and commitment, particularly at a time when the Companyís commercial and competitive challenges have demanded even greater dedication and resourcefulness from its workforce.