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BT Performance Management: New Approach

19 January 2015

The CWU Personnel Team have been meeting with BT on a monthly basis to seek further tangible and visible changes in the operation of Performance Management in BT. There have been some significant new developments as announced by Clare Chapman, Group People Director in an email to all BT people, issued 19 January 2015.

Movement to Bi-Annual Rating

BT has agreed to move to bi-annual formal rating as opposed to quarterly rating from the beginning of the next financial year (April 2015). From that time formal rating will take place in Q2 and Q4. There will be no formal rating in Q1 and Q3 and instead managers will be expected to hold coaching conversations, capturing a few key actions from the discussion. From the beginning the Personnel Team has argued that the relentless regime of performance management every three months was unnecessary and counter-productive in producing improved performance. This view was reinforced by Dr Nita Clarke’s Independent Review.

A New Approach to Performance – Continuous Development

BT has agreed to a new approach to Performance Management, known as Continuous Development. This ‘new approach’ involves a conversation about how our members can make a real difference to customers and less time writing up performance evidence on the system. The idea is that positive discussions should culminate in maybe three agreed action points covering improvement and most importantly development. Throughout our discussions with the Company the Personnel Team has emphasised the need for our members to see visible, tangible change if their perception of Performance Management in BT is to change. These developments have the potential to do just that.

It will be the experience of our members on how they are being managed that will determine whether these changes prove to be a success.