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BT Consumer: Bank Holidays and RDOs

21 January 2015

BT Consumer has announced changes to arrangements for Rostered Days Off (RDO) for BT and Manpower staff for the Good Friday Bank holiday. This has taken place without any prior consultation or agreement with the CWU.

The announcement issued by Julie Whalley (Resource, Forecasting & Scheduling Manager) appears to be a blanket change that in the future the default will be that all RDOs which fall on the Monday to Thursday prior to the Good Friday Bank Holiday will have their RDO moved to the Friday.

The announcement is not in line with the agreed leave process with both BT Consumer and BT Business which states that:

' changes are normally only made in four Bank Holiday weeks the Easter Monday week, May Day week Spring Break week, and August week. Depending where New Year falls changes could be made but that is rare. Changes are not normally made to Good Friday and Christmas weeks.'

The CWU has asked BT to withdraw this unagreed change. However, BT has declined to do this and has signalled that it will be applying the revised arrangements at Easter due to operational arrangements linked to BT Sport. The National Team will be discussing the issue with BT later in the week.