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New Satellite Sites - CWU Urges Caution

21 March 2015

In a communication from Joe Garner (CEO Openreach) Openreach have announced two further Working Together ‘satellite sites’, Cambridge and Brentwood, in addition to Ashton (although Ashton was previously described as long term, not a satellite).

There continues to be no explanation from Openreach with regard to the difference between a centre of excellence, satellite site or those where people cannot move to either of the first two in relation to investment, longevity, function or promotion opportunities. This uncertainty is unacceptable to the NT, Branches and our members. There does, however, appear to be a realisation, undoubtedly through pressure from the CWU and its members that the 23 site ‘vision’ is not deliverable and that alternative solutions will have to be sought.

Unanswered Questions

The National Team (NT) was due to meet the company on 19 March 2015 for further discussions on the above programme and will continue to press Openreach on the many issues which continue to affect our members. There are still many unanswered questions, for example “If I am in a satellite site but could travel to a centre of excellence within the time frames, do I have a choice or will a notice to move still be issued?”


Given the above announcement, the NT wants to reiterate the caution to members with regard to taking life changing decisions based on the current uncertainties. The pressure from you is making the company rethink its position and as the campaign reaches the next stages the NT fully expects further changes to come.

Members need to ensure they have clarity with regard to any proposed moves specifically with regard to their own personal circumstances, e.g. health, caring responsibilities, financial impact, etc. Openreach should not issue a notice to move if individuals have any outstanding issues to be resolved. Members should ensure that they receive a copy of the completed formwize and that it contains all the information discussed.