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BT Consumer: Annual Leave Carry Over

23 March 2015

The CWU has received numerous enquiries concerning Annual Leave carry over in BT Consumer - we can confirm there has been no change in the Annual Leave Policy in BT Consumer. There is no blanket ban in place preventing the on carry over of annual leave from one annual leave year to the next.

BT Group Policy

The BT Group policy remains in place and has not been changed. This reads as follows:

“Annual leave must be taken in the leave year in which it falls. There is no entitlement to carry over unused leave from one year to the next but you can normally carry over up to 5 days at the discretion of your manager. Exceptionally your manager may allow you to carry over more, where for example it is as a result of leave being refused or cancelled due to urgent unforeseen operational difficulties and it has not been possible to re-schedule it within the leave year. Managers are expected to take all reasonable steps to ensure these circumstances do not arise.”

Misleading Statements

Line Managers should review individual leave arrangements at regular monthly meetings with Advisors. However, we are aware that this has not been happening in a large number of cases. Where misleading statements have been issued BT has agreed to issue local communications confirming that the Group policy applies.

If members are being briefed by local management that there is a ban on any carry over please contact a Branch Office - we will challenge this immediately and if the statement is not withdrawn it will escalated to CWU Headquarters.