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Members Resolve Hardening Every Day

7 April 2015

The National Team (NT) has met the company on a number of occasions in an effort to persuade the company to change course with regard to the "Working Together Site Rationalisation" programme. During these discussions the NT has made clear to Openreach that the CWU will not accept or support the current programme and that our members resolve to maintain the largest number of highly skilled and graded roles in as many locations as possible, is hardening every day.

Stranded Members

It is absolutely obvious to the NT from the data shared with us by Openreach that with the 1:1 process about half way through, that hundreds of our members cannot travel to one of the centres of excellence or satellite sites and are therefore stranded. As the 1:1 process is completed, that number will continue to grow.

Openreach must change its plan.

Opposition Gaining Strength

The NT met with CWU Regional Single Points of Contact to discuss the position from around the country and it is clear that opposition to the programme is hardening as individuals begin to fully understand the impact on them and their families. This is reflected regardless of whether our members are in a centre of excellence, satellite site or stranded location. It was clear from the discussion that opposition to the programme is intensifying and that the appetite for tackling the problems associated with it in a collective manner is becoming increasingly focussed.

The CWU continues to argue the plan must change to deliver:

  • The maximum number of highly skilled and graded roles in as many locations as possible, with a long term future regardless of ‘title’.
  • The maintenance of promotion outlets for non-desk based members in as many locations as possible.
  • Continued financial support for those who do change locations past the current two year maximum.
  • Retrospective choice for individuals when the current plan undoubtedly changes, i.e. if an individual’s site changes status from the current position they can return if they so wish.

Contact The Branch

Branches will continue to support members during the 1:1 process. It is important as the initial 1:1 process comes to an end that members ensure that all outstanding issues are resolved to their satisfaction prior to any notice to move being accepted if you are within the appropriate travel time limit. Branches have successfully supported many members with personal, domestic, caring and health reasons, etc. with the result they will no longer be asked to change location. It is important that you seek advice from your local Branch on any issue associated with a proposed change of location.

Openreach Must Change

The CWU Executive, National Team, Single Points of Contact and Branches are working hard to persuade Openreach to change course in the face of overwhelming evidence of the impact on members, customers and the business. As members, your support to date has been overwhelming and we are sure that will continue in the coming days. It is important that members are aware that they can and should utilise the support of their local CWU representatives during this time.

Openreach must change its plan and ‘Together we can achieve that goal’.