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Emergency Motion at Conference

29 April 2015

Delegates at the CWU Telecoms and Financial Services (T&FS) Conference carried an emergency motion that sets out nine key principles with a commitment to enter in to negotiations with BT to agree a set of actions to uphold the principles to protect members affected by BT's Working Together Site Rationalisation.

Andy Kerr (Deputy General Secretary, Telecoms) proposed Emergency Motion 5 on behalf of the T&FS Executive, describing the nine key principles and told delegates that if BT Group or lines of business do not strictly adhere to the principles and agreed supporting actions, the T&FSE will initiate a ballot for Industrial Action.

The debate lasted 90 minutes, with most speakers supporting, even though carrying this motion would mean their motions would fall. Many delegates gave examples of BT's bad practice and told Conference how angry and demoralised members are.

Eddie Lawrence, North Anglia Branch Secretary, told Conference the results of the survey carried out by the Branch, which showed that – overall – members were not clear about their future, felt they did not have enough information about the changes, and had low morale .

Some delegates directed their comments at members of BT senior management who were in the visitors’ gallery. Several delegates told of members that had been bullied and others who were devastated by the threat of the changes without knowing what would happen to their jobs or why the moves were necessary.

Andy told delegates negotiations would start on Tuesday 5 May 2015.