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Update on Holiday Pay

24 June 2015

Following the tribunal and court judgments that suggest holiday pay should include elements such as commission or overtime payments the CWU is seeking to deal with the issue of Holiday Pay collectively. The team at Head Office is currently in the process of trying to negotiate agreements with all of the employers across the T&FS side.

The aim of the union in these discussions is to resolve the issue in relation to both backdated claims and to bring holiday pay entitlements in the different employers into line with the law going forward. The fact that the union is continuing to negotiate on this on your behalf does not prevent you from making a claim yourself, should you wish to pursue this individually. For those who do wish to do so, it is important to be aware that any claims for past underpayments that are lodged after 30 June 2015 will be subject to a two year cap.

Because the union is seeking to take a collective approach to holiday pay, and given the number of members across the CWU who may be affected by this issue, we will not be able to provide legal support to individuals who wish to make a claim themselves.

There is a guide to making a claim on the CWU website: