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BT Finance / Group Ops Project Venue

22 July 2015

BT has announced its intention to introduce a site strategy for its BT Finance and Group Operations. This will impact some 1750 FTE across the UK and across Group and other LoBs.

The majority of grades affected will be managers but there are some 235 Team Members in the impacted area. The plan is to consolidate into 10 UK hubs and 14 satellite sites across the UK. Approximately 60% of the impacted population are already working in either a hub or a satellite site.

The new sites are as follows:

London BT Centre
London Faraday
London Judd Street
Bristol CTE / St Clements
Midland ATE
Stockport Brundrett Place
Leeds Sovereign Street
Glasgow ABH
Adastral Park (Orion)
London Baynard
Brighton Kemptown
Bournemouth ATE
Reading ZSC Trunk ATE
Swindon North Star
Coventry ATE
Leicester Cardinal
Sheffield Eldon
Liverpool Lancaster
Preston Telephone House
Newcastle CTE
Edinburgh AGBH
Belfast Riverside Tower

Where people are in reasonable travelling distance of the new sites they will be invited to 1:1 meetings by the end of August to establish whether it is reasonable for individuals to relocate given individuals personal circumstances and company policy.

The Union has received a commitment that health, wellbeing, disability and carer passports will be taken into account in the 1:1 discussions. Those not in reasonable travel distance of one of the new sites will remain where they are and carry on with their role. It is envisaged that the moves will be completed by the end of the calendar year.

The Union has asked for specific information about the number and location of team members in-scope to be asked to move. The Union has indicated its expectation that any site strategy principles developed for CMCC moves will be replicated in this area also.

This programme includes all UK finance teams across BT Group, excluding CBS and Group Billing and Collections. Group Operations includes: Supply Chain, Procurement, Internal Audit, Corporate Services and Next Generation Access (NGA); property is not in-scope.