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BT CS: Attendance Pattern Changes

22 September 2009

An article in The Times newspaper (1 September 2009) comments on BTís plans to bring work back from India, and the impact this may have on UK employees.

The story has surfaced ahead of a planned briefing to CWU members in BT Customer Service planned for later this week to coincide with a briefing from BT to employees.

The article claims:

"The rota changes could involve working on Saturdays and Sundays and until 11pm and, they said, it was unfair to expect employees, especially those with families, to adopt such unsociable hours."

Currently BTís off-shored resource makes up a significant proportion of its weekend and evening cover. The CWU has accepted that in order to bring back work from abroad, BT must be able to reflect these attendances using existing BT people in the UK.

However, we have also been clear that in recognising the need for attendance arrangements to meet customer expectations, attendances must take account of and be able to accommodate individual employee circumstances. On this basis, the CWU has agreed to support a temporary voluntary approach to change of hours to meet the greater need for evening and weekend cover.

The temporary period is expected to run between the beginning of September and the end of December 2009.

The Union will also be talking to BT about establishing a new set of attendance patterns for the longer term which are designed to suit both the needs of the business and individuals.

The repatriation of work from India promises to help create jobs for redeployees and protect jobs for BTís UK workforce, but it will only be possible if customer expectations can be met by BTís UK employees. It is hoped that, whilst recognising individuals have commitments outside of work that often take priority, advisors will be as flexible as possible in helping to meet customer demand during the months ahead.