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BT Operate: Field Engineering - GPS

9 September 2009

Field Engineering is undertaking transformation programmes, like many other constituent parts of BT Operate. The purpose of these to increase efficiencies and reduce cost.

New Ways of Working is the Field Engineering contribution to the overall BT Operate programme.

This programme has many facets such as:

  • common tools and processes (work manager),
  • new ways of working (changing the structure and organisation of controls),
  • multi skilling (within core product sets),
  • new attendance patterns,
  • better capacity and resource management and performance management.

One aspect of resource management and new ways of working in terms of control and job management is the use of GPS, the purpose of which is designed to give controls a better guide and choice when it comes to the allocation of work or intervening with regards to jeopardy management. Currently vehicles are being fitted with GPS for a pilot in the North West in Power community.

The Executive recently received a presentation on this progamme and is in further discussions, particularly on a Code of Practice for the use of GPS. The Executive has secured assurances that the system will not be accessible by line managers until all vehicles are equipped and that people are briefed/trained on their use. By then it is expected that there will be agreement on the Code of Practice specific to use in BT Operate.