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BT Retail CS: Christmas Bank Holidays

22 September 2009

The Union has been in discussion with BT Retail over the Christmas Bank Holiday arrangements for Customer Service people.

The company in accordance with BT Group policy has confirmed that:

  • “If any of the dates fall on a Saturday or a Sunday, the Government declares alternative dates. When this happens (e.g. Christmas and New Year), the alternative dates and actual dates are both treated as Bank/Public Holidays for pay purposes.”

There is an issue over which sites require to be open as well as the resource requirement. Management has advised that they should be in a position to confirm these details by November 2009.

The issue of what should happen in the event of public transport difficulties has been raised. Whilst each case would need to be dealt with in accordance with its own merits, the union feels that formal guidance to operational managers is required to ensure a consistent approach is taken.