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BT Operate: Field Performance Management

11 October 2009

Head Office has built up a portfolio of cases that detail abuses and absurd approaches relating to performance management in BT Operate.

The information from Branches suggests that some Regional Business Leaders and/or their direct reports are taking inappropriate action relating to Performance Management. Arising out of the discussion held with management at the Field Engineering Forum, there is a letter from Field Engineering HR. In that letter management state:

“While we acknowledged CWU evidence that not all FLMs had got performance management right first time, every time, we also explained that the question of RBL’s currently signing-off the closure of formal performance management cases was solely for the purpose of ensuring consistency and not therefore related to “pressure” from higher up the management line to keep performance cases open when it would be clearly inappropriate to do so.

We fully accept the CWU position that managers should first seek to ensure the integrity of any performance data upon which they base performance discussions with team members. We also acknowledged that it was not normally appropriate for a manager to conduct a 1:1 discussion only under the formal performance management process prior to an informal 1:1 dialogue having taken place.”

Members are strongly urged contact the branch office where so-called coaching plans or monitoring periods have been based on poor interpretation of Performance Management systems bu management, in particular data arising out of MORWITT combined performance measures.