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Openreach: Carillion Telent Contract

13 October 2009

Openreach has announced to the Stock Exchange that it has signed a single supplier contract with Carillion-Telent. In view of the undoubted anxiety and confusion this was bound to create, the CWU met with Openreach on Friday 9 October 2009 to get absolute clarity on what the deal meant.

The seven-year contract with Carillion-Telent does NOT involve any movement or transfer of Openreach employees, nor does it include any outsourcing of work done by direct labour.

Under the contract the joint venture will deliver a range of civil engineering, support and maintenance services, consolidating work currently carried out by a number of outsourced suppliers e.g. Fujitsu, Morrison, Skanska, etc.

Arrangements are now in place to start transferring work which is carried out under the existing outsourced contracts over to Carillion-Telent. This will happen in three phases over the coming months and be completed in January 2010.

The CWUs Executive team continues to hold talks with Openreach arguing that transferring all of Complex work, and with it the people, is neither in the best interests of the Company or the people. The announcement of the Carillion-Telent deal does not alter this stance.


  • Carillion is the UKs leading support services company with a substantial portfolio of Public Private Partnership projects and extensive construction capabilities. The Group employs around 50,000 people and operates across the UK, in the Middle East, Canada and the Caribbean.


  • telent has experience in supplying a broad range of network and communications services in the UK and Germany. The company is fully owned by Pension Corporation, and employs over 2,500 people and has one of the largest engineering field forces in the UK.