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BT Holborn: Appeals Procedures

14 October 2009

The T&FSE have agreed with BT Group the appeals procedure for the Attendance and Managing Under Performance procedures.

The union has been pressing for an appeals procedure for some years as BT had not been complying with the ACAS Code of Practice since April 2009. The Executive agreed to get an appeals process in place and secure a review of how it works in practice. The procedures introduce appeals at the Initial Formal Warning (IFW) and Final Formal Warning (FWW) stages.

The Executive is aware that the timescales are tight, for example the intention to appeal and the reasons for the appeal must be submitted within three working days of the decision being notified, but are the best that could be achieved, and are ACAS compliant.

The appeals process will be introduced at the end of October and the review will take place in May 2010.