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BT Holborn: New MCC Policy

21 October 2009

BT Group has agreed the new Managing Changing Capabilities Policy with the T&FSE, which will launched by BT on 15 October 2009.

The new policy is much improved on the previous policy and has at its core the intent that the policy is about retaining people in their existing role first and foremost. There are safeguards with the introduction of Managing Changing Capabilities Procedure (MCC) leads in each line of business and more realistic timescales for job searches.

In addition we have agreed with BT Group that every person who is currently being dealt with under the MCC procedure will have their case reviewed to ensure that the handling meets the new policy requirements.

This policy has taken significantly longer to finalise and agree than initially hoped but the T&FSE does believe the policy and the processes have been given a thorough overhaul and that the new procedure is a vast improvement on the existing arrangements.

The new policy and processes will monitored for six months with BT to review how they are working in practice.