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Statement on BT Performance Management

13 November 2009

A forum was held on 22 October 2009 the company has issued a statement that will be cascaded throughout BT Group.

In the statement Group HR Director Alex Wilson says:

"Some issues have been raised regarding how we can improve our approach which we have been discussing with the trade unions as part of Project Holborn. We have listened to the unions and also to your views through various feedback channels, including CAREagile, and jointly developed improvements including:

  • ensuring there are no managed exit targets in our performance scorecards;
  • establishing a single consistent system (eperformance) for managing performance across BT;
  • creating a single website of toolkits, guidance and other materials to support managers and improve consistency in how performance management is applied;
  • improving the managing changing capabilities policy;
  • introducing a new appeals process into the performance and attendance procedures; and
  • investigating individual cases sent to us for review by the unions where concerns on the approach have been raised."

The T&FSE feel the statement is helpful but it is their intention to seek a further statement, preferably from the CEO, and for further work to be undertaken. It is clear that the change in management style that we are looking for has not happened yet.

The T&FSE believe that there is a need to respond to the lack of progress in a formal way to make it clear to BT that there needs to be a visible change in management style. A formal escalation of the issue of management style has been agreed. The TFSE will receive a further report at the December meeting at which if no progress is to be made, then the TFSE will have to consider its options, including balloting for industrial action.