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Virgin Media: CWU Committee Elections

14 January 2010

The T&FSE has agreed that the CWU now has a more consistent and structured set of meetings with Virgin Media, there is a need also to bring a structure to the reps committee and install the accountability that comes through representatives elections.

The arrangements for the elections have been drawn up following consultation with the existing national representatives.

The committee will be based on regional seats with a maximum of two additional occupational seats. The occupational seats will be to ensure that we have a reasonable mix of representatives from amongst Network and Service technicians. Initially the regional elections will be held and the two extra seats will only be filled if there is a need. All regional representatives will be expected to represent members in their regions whether or not they are Service or Networks. Please note this includes those who were ex NTL.

Nominations and Voting

The T&FSE has agreed that nominations and voting is to be by and from the Virgin Media members directly. The union will encourage, support and integrate any new reps that may emerge from this process and to actively support their attendance at the National meetings. In most cases, it is anticipated that most of the reps will already be involved in the local branch to some degree but nonetheless new representatives may emerge.

The voting for the representative in each regional election will be by and from the members in that region.

Nominations will therefore have to be by individual members, and seconded.

Elections will be by a postal ballot. It is not intended to have election addresses at this stage.


It is intended to hold the elections in March, ensuring that we have enough time to get news out to people of the committee, its role and why the elections are taking place. The company are being contacted to ensure there is no issue with the facilities, but as we already have the facility, it is not anticipated that this will be a problem.

The existing committee currently meets quarterly and this would not change. We currently have the facility to have a smaller team meet between those meetings and it is the intention that those should be effectively the Virgin Media negotiating team, elected by the members of the committee from amongst the elected members of that Committee.