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BT Group: Recession Counselling

22 January 2010

The Executive is pleased to report a successful outcome from our representation to BT regarding Recession Counselling.

At Annual Conference 2009 the following proposition 69 was carried:

“Conference is mindful of the effect that the “credit crunch” has had on our members, with massive job losses in every sector and rising costs of food and energy and the amount of insolvency claims going through the courts as people on tight budgets struggle to make ends meet and reach the situation where they have no option but to declare themselves bankrupt.
Conference instructs the T&FSE to negotiate with BT to play its part in helping members during this difficult time by adding to the employee counselling portfolio by publicising the free confidential financial advice and support services that are on offer through the Consumer Credit Counselling Service ( CCCS is a registered charity offering free, confidential advice and support to anyone who is worried about debt. Their free counselling and debt advice can help people get back in control of their money.”

The proposition was submitted to BT for consideration and the comapny responded to our representations by adding a newly launched ‘Recession Package’ provided by Relate, the specialist counselling organisation, to their Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). The ‘Recession Package’ is designed to provide emotional support, help and guidance to couples or family relationships impacted by the recession.

BT people can access online support via Live Chat free of charge without referral from the EAP. Information is only held by Relate and is not shared with BT or any other organisation.

In those cases, where the free EAP counselling sessions are not enough or where BT family members need emotional support then telephone counselling is also available from Relate. There is a reduced cost of £15 per session for this service (usually £45).