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BTRSS - Not Too Late to Join

1 May 2009

On the 1 April dealine 979 members of the BT Retirement Plan (BTRP) and the Syntegra Ltd Flexible Pension Plan (SLFPP) had not joined the BT Retirement Savings Plan (BTRSS).

The individuals are no longer contributing to any BT pension or receiving any BT contributions. Existing life assurance cover is due to run out at the end of June.

It is not too late to join the BTRSS, non joiners can still sign up. If BTRP or SLFPP members join in April or May they will be able to get BT's contributions from 1 April reinstated as long as they pay their own contribution for the relevant period.

BT are taking steps to contact all non joiners individually by phone or in person and to find out why they have not joined.

BTRP and SLFPP members can join the BTRSS via the BT Intranet or by using the form that has been posted to home addresses.