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BT Pay Claim 2010: No To Unconsolidated Pay

18 March 2010

At a meeting with BT on 11 March 2010, the Company said they believed a 2% unconsolidated award was a fair opening offer and declined to move any further at this stage.

The CWU made it clear in no uncertain terms that an unconsolidated pay award is simply not an option this year for BT members.

It does not reflect the major contribution you make to business performance, or the impact of cost efficiencies which place ever greater demands on you particularly through changes to attendance patterns and reductions in overtime and call-out pay.

CWU members are now paying more into your pension schemes than in 2008 with no salary increase to compensate. Not only that, but unconsolidated pay is not pensionable so any non-consolidated award will have a lasting impact on pension benefit. Inflation has risen over the last few months to 3.7% and the increase in essentials like food, fuel and transport is placing a severe strain on household budgets.

We need your support

The CWU negotiating team is pushing BT hard, but the best way you can continue to help us convince BT that pay is a serious issue this year is for you to let them know that you support your negotiators at this time. Please voice your opinion to BT management at 1:1s, team briefings or any other time and tell them you expect a fair consolidated pay deal this year.

Make them aware that your contribution to the Company’s ongoing competitiveness deserves to be properly rewarded.