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BT Pay Claim 2010: BT Stick with 2% Offer

18 March 2010

At the Pay meeting on 17 March 2010, the CWU reaffirmed our claim for a 5% consolidated pay rise, and reiterated that an unconsolidated pay award was totally unacceptable.

The Company did not move beyond its current 2% unconsolidated offer during the meeting, but we are hoping to receive a written revised offer before the next meeting.

With inflation currently running at 3.7%, an unconsolidated pay award would equate to a significant cut in your pay in real terms. An unconsolidated award will not go onto your base pay; pension; overtime rates or pay related allowances and is not a permanent improvement in your pay, but increases in the cost of living are permanent.

The CWU is concerned about the direction of the talks which have become increasingly strained. There has been no sign of any willingness by BT to move anywhere near to a pay rise that adequately reflects the talent and commitment of CWU members and the sacrifices you have made to help the Company cut costs by £1.6bn, increase profits by 11%, boost Earnings Per Share by 53% and continue to compete successfully.

The CWU negotiating team is committed to seeking a negotiated settlement that ensures your contribution to BTís continuing success is properly rewarded, but if this does not prove possible we will end up in a dispute situation.

Your support for the claim is extremely important, if you have not already done so, please let BT management know that you expect and deserve a fair consolidated pay deal this year. Thank you to those who have already made your feelings clear to the Company.