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BT Pay Claim 2010: No to Non-Pensionable Pay

25 March 2010

The CWU Pay Team were appalled after BT wrote to the CWU shifting slightly from its previous offer of 2% non-consolidated to an offer of 2% consolidated on pay and allowances but not flowing through to pensions.

Offer Falls Short of Expectation

The Union has made it absolutely clear to BT that CWU members will not accept any deal that is non-pensionable or non-consolidated. The CWU Pay Team have also stressed that members are seeking a pay deal that represents an increase in pay in real terms, and with inflation still at 3.7%, 2% falls far short of that expectation.

Major Changes Helped Transform Company Finances

CWU members have had to accept major changes to terms and conditions and pensions which have helped transform the Company’s finances following last year’s difficulties. Further multi-million pound savings are set to flow through as a result of changes to attendance patterns in Openreach. The CWU Pay Team made it clear that CWU members will not stand by and watch the Company erode pay in real terms on top of all the concessions and sacrifices they have already made to boost savings, profits and earnings per share.

The Union is committed to doing everything we can to reach a negotiated pay settlement this year, but talks are nearing a critical stage and if we cannot find an agreed way forward we will face an industrial action situation. Another pay meeting is planned for Tuesday 30 March 2010 and the CWU Telecom Executive Committee will be meeting the following day when they will consider the progress of the talks.