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BT Holborn: BT Retail 'Together' Document Agreed

26 March 2010

The CWU met with Warren Buckley, Managing Director, Customer Services on the 24 March 2010, when the 'Together We Will Make a Difference’ document was discussed.

The meeting was extremely positive and Warren Buckley has given his full support to implementing the terms of the agreement throughout Customer Services. It was agreed that the signed document between Gavin Patterson, CEO BT Retail and Andy Kerr, DGS(T) should be the only 'Together' document in circulation at this point as neither side wanted to distract from the significance of this.

However, Warren Buckley has agreed the following statement in order to demonstrate his commitment to the agreement.

"I am committed to launching and embedding the 'Together We Will Make A Difference' document, agreed with the CWU, into and throughout the Customer Service Team. The document is based on a joint commitment by the company and individuals to strive to promote and embed the positive values and behaviours needed to drive our goal to achieve number one for customer service, and to that end I will give it my full and tangible support".