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BT Pay Claim 2010: Revised Pay Offer Rejected

31 March 2010

A revised pay offer put forward by BT in a meeting on 29 March 2010, was immediately rejected by the CWU pay team and unanimously rejected the following day by the CWU’s Telecom Executive Committee.

BT’s revised pay offer, which was closed and unfortunately cannot be published, was slightly improved on the previous 2% consolidated, non-pensionable offer. However, the CWU pay team had no hesitation in rejecting the offer on your behalf, on the basis that it did not come close to reflecting the contribution of CWU represented employees.


After all the pressure on members over the last two years to help BT make cost savings and deliver better financial results, the Company’s revised offer was completely unacceptable in terms of both quantity and structure. The CWU has made clear that we are seeking a consolidated, pensionable pay award that represents an improvement in your pay in real terms.

Industrial Action

The CWU Executive Committee has now given the pay team authority to ballot for industrial action if this issue is not resolved swiftly. We are clearly at a critical stage with BT on pay and it looks almost inevitable that industrial action will be necessary to achieve a fair deal that properly reflects your contribution to the Company’s ongoing success.

A further and probably final meeting is being confirmed with BT.