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CWU Executive Elections

29 April 2009

You will shortly be receiving ballot papers for the CWU Executive elections and other posts in the Union.

These are the people who negotiate your pay and conditions of work; it is important that we get the best possible people in these posts. Hopefully at the same time as you receive the ballot papers in the next issue of the Voice you will get a post card from the Branch Committee giving you our recommendations. You do not have to follow these recommendations but we do make them based on our knowledge of the individuals because we are often asked what our views are.

We face challenging times ahead across the whole BT Group of companies.

Pressures on pay, attendance patterns, the use of agency staff and off-shoring are just a few of those challenges. We will meet them if we have the right leadership, the right policies and the highest possible level of membership in all the areas we represent.

We are often critical of our leadership but I don't just believe, I know, that if you and I do not organise and elect the right leadership our terms and conditions, imperfect as they may be, would be a lot worse. It is easy to see what needs to be done and lose sight of what has been done in the most difficult of circumstances.

We are able to achieve what we do because we have a large membership but we can become stronger.

We can only make ourselves heard if we get together. It is important that our spokespeople are the best. Having the right leadership and maximum membership is in all our interests.

Please use your vote. Ours is a big branch and can have a real effect on the outcome. We can also help East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH) to whom we give 1 for every vote cast. Again I have to point out that we will donate for every vote cast you do not have to follow our recommendations.

Below you will find recommendations for the Clerical and Engineering constituencies.

For the Engineering Executive:
Dan Andrews Tom Cooper
Andy Gibb Dave Jukes
Jerry Ryan Simon Trim
Steve Catterall
For the Clerical NEC:
Graham Colk Eddie Beese
Karen Rose
For Constituency Representatives:
Nick Derbyshire Julia Upton
For the COOC:
Rob Alldritt John Turnbull
John Ellsbury Debbie Hardy
Brian Kenny

Please use your vote - it will make a difference