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BT Pay 2010: Keep in Touch

4 May 2010

On 15 April 2010 we published information from CWU Head Office stating that the CWUís Executive has agreed that we have no alternative than to initiate an industrial action ballot over this yearís pay offer. This still remains the unionís position and it is now clear that an industrial action ballot will go ahead.

Youíve delivered more, youíre worth more!

Reject 2% and one-off payments.

Demand a fair share in BTís success.

Branch meetings have been held around the country over the last week, where members have seen BTís latest results that show the unionís 5% claim is wholly affordable. The vast majority of members have expressed support for the unionís approach and have made clear they believe BTís final offer is not acceptable.

A 2% pay rise and two non-consolidated, non-pensionable payments will mean a real terms cut in your pay and pension at a time when inflation is running at 4.4%. You have been instrumental in BTís financial recovery and you deserve a fair share in the companyís success.

Please provide us with a private email address so that you can be keep informed of developments. You can do this either by contacting the branch or updating your details via the CWU website.

Youíve delivered more, youíre worth more!