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BT Pay 2010: Campaign Gains Momentum

11 May 2010

Another successful week of Branch meetings has meant the campaign continues to gain momentum and strength with members fully supportive of the CWU's claim.

You’ve delivered more, you’re worth more!

Reject 2% and one-off payments.

Demand a fair share in BT’s success.

Everybody coming out of these meetings knows why they are worth more!

  • Profits of £1.44bn in the third quarter, up by 11%
  • Savings of £1.6bn in the first nine months
  • Top executives who decide your pay reward each other generously e.g. BT’s Chairman earns 27 times the B2 full time max - for working part time!
  • A 5% pay rise would cost just 1.2% (including pension costs) of BT’s £5.7bn projected annual profit
  • Incremental pay awards are a contractual right, not an excuse to suppress your annual pay award
  • Inflation is 4.4%, so BT’s offer would mean a 2.4% cut in your pay

Further branch meetings will be held where members will continue to discuss the facts and figures that prove you deserve a better offer. Make sure you attend and learn the full facts surrounding the pay claim.

Contact the branch office or visit the branch or Head Office web sites to find out about meetings and events taking place in your area.

You’ve delivered more, you’re worth more!

CWU Head Office intend sending a letter directly to members homes to arrive about 17 May, that will refer to the annual results for BT Group due to be announced on Thursday 13 May 2010.