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BT Security and Guarding Transformation Programme

28 June 2010

Senior BT Security Management met with a tean from CWU Head Office to discuss the development of BT Security and specifically the Guarding Transformation Programme.

BT Security plan to develop into a global operation and to provide the underlying capability to support profitable external revenue growth. It was stressed that although previous guarding reductions had been driven by the need to reduce costs, the Guarding Transformation Programme was driven by the need to add value. This would involve a further move from mainly static guarding to more mobile patrols to introduce greater flexibility in response capability.

The main changes are:

  • 64 sites will retain static guards/receptionists.
  • The top 250 sites will get a daily patrol.
  • Approximately 700 sites will get a weekly patrol.
  • As a minimum all UK sites will get an annual visit.
  • 34 sites will lose their existing static guards.

On some sites guard duties have evolved to more than security duties and that these were valued by building users. BT Security say they intend to enter into site by site consultation with all stakeholders to identify problems and seek resolutions. The intended implementation date is 10 August 2010.

The Guarding Transformation Programme has implications for CWU members who work for RSSL and the Head Office team has been and will be seeking engagement with Reliance to discuss issues of redeployment and redundancy for impacted staff.