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BT Holborn: Operate - Field Job Descriptions

4 August 2010

The Job Descriptions due to be cascaded via the RDA representatives to the Field Engineering Forum have been shared with the Executive but not agreed.

It has been pointed out that there was a major flaw in one of the Job Descriptions, C3 Customer Switch duties, in the version that members signed the sentence on individual targets was removed. In addition a reference has been insrted to BT reward competences and capabilities which the Executive team insisted are neither acceptable nor appropriate for Newgrid grades. Finally on the new content of the revised job descriptions, the CWU head offcie team has pointed out that the inclusion of BT values is irrelevant and does not assist our members as to what the precise nature of their job is.

The issue of the B2 remains unresolved and also revenue generation where members went through the an improvement plan even when there was no opportunity to generate revenue. It was expressed that we have no faith in the operational management to assess and apply this. This will be the subject of further discussion in the future.

It is the Executive teamís expectation that the Job Descriptions will be withdrawn and new ones presented to the Union.