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Openreach: Contractual Overtime

14 September 2010

The Executive team met Openreach on Wednesday 8 September 2010, where the concerns of Branches and members regarding contractual overtime and resourcing were discussed.

The CWU has pressed our expectation that the current situation of the continued use of contractual overtime ceases as soon as possible.

Managment have cited the volatile demand and huge increase in demand for some products and the need to make effective use of line plant as reasons for the need for extra resource. They have suggested a number of measures to reduce customer visits and thus make the workload more manageable.

There is a recognition from management that there needs to be further resource and the CWU has also indicated that the measures in the short term are the minimum we would expect. However, what we want is a lasting solution to resourcing to ensure this situation never happens again.

Openreach has offered to meet the Union in a series of meetings to deal with the resourcing and the issues around contractual overtime. Menbers will be kept informed of the progress of those meetings.