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O2 Retail: Error in Bonus Payments

4 November 2010

It has been brought to the CWUs attention that O2 made an error when calculating bonus payments for Q3 2010 which has left a considerable amount of people either underpaid or overpaid.

A personal apology has now been circulated to all O2 retail employees advising that when they introduced the new structure around bonus calculations at the beginning of Q3, unfortunately an error occurred during the final calculation which meant that incorrect bonuses were paid.

Under Payments Over 50.00

Following discussions with O2 it is their intention that any under payment of over 50.00 will be advanced in November 2010 interim payroll and people will receive 59% of the under payment on the 12 November 2010 and the remainder of the under payment will be made in the payroll on the 31 November 2010.

Under Payments Under 50.00

Any under payments less than 50.00 will be made in the payroll on the 31 November 2010.

Over Payments

O2 have advised that individuals have been given the opportunity to either pay back in November 2010 salary or pay back from January 2011 bonus payment. Any leavers before the over payments have been corrected will have this taken out of their final salary.

The CWU is currently questioning the arrangements for over payments particularly for those over payments in excess of 100 and a further report will be provided shortly.