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BT Wholesale: Leave Taken in Hour Spans

4 November 2010

For over 18 months the issue of members on shift working taking leave in spans of less than half a day has been the subject of discussions with BT Wholesale management.

This subject was brought up on a number of senior management road shows. The Executive team were of a view not to entertain such arrangements but individual member pressure on senior management led to a test/trial of such arrangements. As a result of the test/trial a formal proposal has been received and which has been bolstered up in order to provide protection and to make it hard for abuse to occur.

An individual can request via the resourcing team, leave in durations of less than half a day and a minimum of 1 hour. Following the receipt of a request, an email will be sent back to the manager / individual confirming if the leave can be agreed, and how many hours are being deducted from the individuals leave balance on Single Interface (SI).

This proposed policy is designed to make it difficult for line management to break or abuse the restrictions.