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Openreach: Rosters Christmas and New Year 2010/11

11 November 2010

Openreach issued a briefing was the summer detailing arrangements the Christmas/New Year period 2010/2011. As most of the new attendances were not implemented at that time, we thought members would appreciate a recap.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day are Bank Holidays in England and Wales, as is New Years’ Day. In Scotland, 2nd January is also a Public Holiday.

This year, Christmas Day (25 December 2010) and New Years’ Day (1 January 2011) will fall on a Saturday with Boxing Day and 2 January both falling on a Sunday. Consequently, the associated official Bank Holidays for the period have been designated for the 27 and 28 December 2010, and 3 and 4 January 2011.

With the exception of people on shift working, it is confirmed that people will not be rostered in on the Saturday and Sunday of 25/26 December 2010, nor the Saturday and Sunday of 1/2 January 2011.

Following the agreement made in January 2000, rostered attendances would be moved to an appropriate day within the same week if possible.

For night workers, shift swaps will be used as in previous years. The operational manager will agree arrangements within teams, all team members should receive one shift off per bank holiday.

These arrangements appliy across all team members in Openreach.