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BT Group: Business Travel and Expenses

13 March 2011

The TFSE have been involved in detailed discussions on a Review that BT has conducted on its Business Travel and Expense Policy.

The Union was able to alter the Company’s original proposals in a number of areas as follows:

Personal Incidental Expenses

The Company proposal was that in the future any Personal Incidental Expenses (PIES) would need to be receipted up to a maximum of £5 per overnight stay. The Union was able to persuade the Company to exempt Modern Apprentices from this changed requirement. The Union argued that the nature of PIES for Modern Apprentices, especially at training schools, did not lend itself to being able to fully receipt.

Mileage Rate

The exceptional mileage rate has been removed. In future only the standard rate will apply.

Additional Travel Costs

Originally it was proposed to tighten up the application of Additional Travel Costs to ensure the costs of normal travel to work be deducted from the Additional Travel Cost. This proposal has been dropped and the original wording reinstated.

Overnight Allowance

The facility to claim £25 for staying with friends or family has been removed. This facility had been ceased by HMRC as a tax-free allowance.

Other Allowances

Originally the Long-Term Assignment Allowance and the Overseas Emergency Allowance had been omitted from the revised policy. These have now been reinstated.