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Openreach: New Roads & Street Works Act

6 April 2011

Changes to the NRSWA, that came into force on 5 April 2011, require anyone who works on the network and needs to deal with signing, lighting and guarding should carry a special photo ID card.

The card is issued by the street works qualification authority and confirms the holder has unit 2 qualification, or in the case of managers/supervisors unit 10.

The CWU had concerns that there was a delay in issuing cards and that there may be a significant backlog. Failure to show the ID card when asked to do so by a representative of the local authority could result in a fine of up to 2500 and prosecution.

If you do not have a card:

  • If you are stopped and cannot provide your photo ID card please give this number - 0845 270 2720 - to the individual who can call SWQR, to confirm your qualification.
  • If you have not applied for the photo card and are attending the course in the near future, you cannot enter a UG structure (lift the lid, open a joint box, remove a manhole cover) unless you are accompanied by a colleague who does have the qualification.

Climbing poles and opening cabinets does not require a formal NRSWA qualification.