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BT Operate: Parking at Home

6 April 2011

BT Operate management have been conducting an investigation regarding the BT Parking at Home arrangements.

They report that a recent piece of work involving the accurate use of the MORWIT system has identified an inconsistency within BT Operate in terms of the approach to parking at home arrangements; this impacts 20% of the parking at home population within Field Engineering.

Contribution Time

This specifically relates to the booking of ‘Contribution Time’ which forms part of the overall ‘Commitment Time’ within the Parking at Home ISIS document. The description of contribution time from the document is reproduced below:

The ‘Contribution Time’ is the time that the Company expects from the home parker in return for the benefit of Parking at Home and as a contribution to the additional vehicle costs involved in this practice. This is 15 minutes at the beginning and 15 minutes at the end of the working day. Normally this time would be used to complete Start and End of Day routines.

Within BT Operate at the present time, management state they have a total of 1,965 individuals who park at home, 400 of which do not currently have the 15 minute contribution time included at the start and end of each working day. On the basis of an inconsistent approach they state they are losing the business benefit that this contribution time offers as start and end of day routines would naturally impact the available time when contribution time is not used.

Annual Parking at Home Review

To rectify this situation they state it is their intention to work with the individuals concerned so that Contribution Time is consistently applied for all individuals as part of the annual Parking at Home review. In order to carry out the annual review in a consistent manner, management will utilise the existing computer based training package that is used within Openreach and also a series of communications that will allow all managers and individuals to work through the review to apply the Parking at Home agreement. This will also consider commute time as per the protocols within the existing agreement.

Home Parkers on Call-Outs

A group of home parkers referred to within a communication in June 2001 by the ‘Network Transport Field Operations Board’ which formed part of an agreement reached at that time, have been utilising an approach whereby the attendance to call-outs negated the need to provide Contribution Time. The majority of these individuals moved to Openreach and have since had the contribution time reinstated. BT Operate management state they still have a small number of individuals (about 190) who remain with the nil contribution arrangements. Management are proposing to jointly consider those individuals during the annual review to establish the actual remaining numbers and following appropriate consultation with the CWU, will seek to work towards implementing the standard commitment time for this group of individuals.

It is the intention of BT Operate to begin the annual Parking at Home review from April 2011 onwards but no firm date has been communicated to the CWU.

Arrangements are in hand to discuss the Annual Review with BT Operate. As an interim the Union has challenged attempts to break what is an existing agreement, that the loss of goodwill by those providing a voluntary call out is at risk and we will be looking at the nature of this extra 15 minutes of task function.