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Openreach: iPOP2 and Frames Task Times

27 May 2011

Members will receive a briefing from Openreach announcing the introduction of iPOP2 and revised Frames task times.


Openreach have announced changes to the way iPOP scores will be calculated, the significant difference is that iPOP2 uses actual as opposed to scheduled hours in all productivity calculations. This should mean that the productivity calculation will accurately measure your productivity score when you flex on or off. It also means that the time you take for your meal break will not be included in the iPOP2 productivity score, as long as you book it on TaskForce.

Frames Task Times

Openreach have taken the opportunity to revise frames task times in consultation with the CWU. The revised times take account of the type and size of frames; and are based on historical data. The CWU team has concerns that the historical data was drawn from a small sample of exchanges and may not reflect actual times, so we have agreed with Openreach that we will jointly review the task times after a period of usage.